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Old Photos of Minal

We have just been sent a few old photos of Minal school and the pupils. The first two were taken, we believe, around 1902.  While the third group picture, in 1923.  Can any Minal families identify any of their forebears?  T 



























































 Mark Clements has also written in with the following:

I saw the lovely photos of pupils at Minal school on the Minal site and saw your request for old photos with Minal connections.

Our Family have had a long connection to the Village going back to Edwardian times. The photo of the seated couple are Alfred Head (Born 1871) and his Wife Alice Sarah Head sitting outside their Minal Cottage ...which was the row of cottages opposite what was the shop/Post Office, which they no doubt will have rented.  They grew every type of vegetable in the rear garden of the cottage .The family moved to the Village from Milton lilbourne and can all be seen on the 1911 Census...Fanny, Fred, Lily, Mary (My Nan) , Dorothy and Daisy.


Alfred was a Master Thatcher (Shown as thatcher on a farm in 1911 census, was that Church Farm possibly?) and also an auctioneer for Pococks (I believe) He made wattle fencing and was very involved in the Marlborough Sheep fairs. An injury to his leg was caused by cattle and he apparently worked little after that but did live until the grand old age of 89 years. He was apparently a strict ,but always fair, Father. Alfred and his Wife Alice spent  the rest of their days in Minal and are both buried in an unmarked grave in the Churchyard.


Lily Head was a Minal stalwart who never married and lived with her parents until they died and then moved to Berrycroft in Minal where she dies aged 93 years.Lily is commemorated in minal Churchyard by a bench.  Lily regularly walked to Marlborough from Minal and also to Ogbourne St Andrew where she worked in the Post Office. She spent many years as a Matron figure for the boys at Marlborough College.

All of the Children would have gone to Minal School.  My Nan who was born in 1901 mentioned to me having done so. Most of  the Children feature in the wedding photo from the early 1920’s...Mary is the bride, Great Aunty Daisy Back Row 2nd from right, Great Uncle Fred back row 3rd from right , Great Aunty Lily, back row far left and I believe the lady next to Daisy is Great Aunty Dorothy. Alfred and Alice are seated wearing the same clothes as in the other photo so taken the same Wedding Day. Minal is a lovely Village and Our family has fond memories of visiting Lily at her Minal home.