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Village Improvements

  1. IMG0936Improvement of Car parking for the Playground
    The Playground and exercise area has been such a success that car parking from visitors outside the village can cause problems along Thicketts Road. To alleviate this the Parish Council has been working on purchasing a strip of land from the Gale Trust to cut in a car park opposite the playground. Our Councillors have been working hard to secure funding from the Area Board to assist with this.

  1. Improvement of the Footpath to Marlborough past Minal House
    Minalpath5Oct17Local residents have noticed the footpath leading up the hill towards Marlborough and past the Minal House area has become muddy and overgrown. There is increased litter and lorries/cars parking along the road have created a muddy area. In the past this has been cut by the County Council but now the Parish Council have organised the re-cutting of the path, increased litter picking and asked local residents to be mindful of bin clearance days.


  1. Proposed Extension of the Footpath to the Leaze and provision of a Bus shelter
    Residents to the north of the village have not been served with a footpath to the centre and the bus stops. Following a suggestion from a local resident the Parish Council is working towards providing a footpath as far as the Leaze and providing a bus shelter. Parish Councillors have successfully bid for this to be a priority for the CAT G Community Area Transport Group and hope to secure match funding to progress this. It is also hoped that the path will become a pleasant place to walk by the river and improve safety by acting as a visual barrier for cars approaching the village from the east.





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