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Minal Munch



Even 'though Bake Off is now off our screens, come along and taste some of the offerings available at the Minal Munch. A cup of tea, a piece of home made cake and a chat with your friends and neighbours. Yes, the Minal Munch is back at the village hall. 

Pictured left to right are some of our Minal star bakers: Lucia Mutch, Anna Whitehead, Mamta Canning and Emma Gagen.

While other of our village bakers include Lisa Coomber, Sarah Foard, Ann Evans.

The Munch was run by Gilly and Derek Price for many years and all of us enjoyed going to it. When the Price’s decided to stop we asked them if we could run it instead, and they happily agreed. We have now been going over a year. Everyone in the village is very welcome to come and pop in at anytime whilst the Munch is on for a free cuppa and a piece of cake.