Survey for the future of Wiltshire Policing from the new PCC

Wiltshire's PCC launches consultation to shape policing future: PCP survey Twitter

Use Your Voice is one of the foundation blocks which commissioner Philip Wilkinson will base his new Police and Crime Plan on – the blueprint for strategic policing and crime priorities until 2025.

It will set out how the PCC’s pledges and priorities will be delivered throughout Wiltshire and, in a move championed by Mr Wilkinson, will reflect and meet the needs and priorities of residents.  “What has become apparent to me is the widening gap between what is important to the public and the police priorities,” he said. “Closing that gap is very much my responsibility. ”

“This consultation is the chance for every resident to have a say in what is important to them.  “Listening to the views and opinions of Wiltshire’s residents will mean the Police and Crime Plan is informed by them and the policing priorities have been directly influenced by them.

Use Your Voice runs from 18 October – 14 November 2021

There are a number of ways people can get involved – by filling in the online survey:

or feedback can be emailed to More ways to get involved are on the PCC’s website:

Werg bridge gets a plaque

Local historian David Sherratt and Minal residents Tom and Jill Otley have erected a plaque to commemorate Rev Charles Francis who paid for the bridge over the River Kennet at the Werg in the early 1800’s.

David is well known locally for his researches into local history and has recently made a study of the life of Charles Francis who lived from 1751 – 1821.  This was a time of privilege, pleasure and piety made popular recently by the hit TV series Bridgerton.  Charles’ career  benefitted hugely from the patronage of Thomas Brudenell, the Earl of Ailesbury who granted him several rich livings in Yorkshire and Wiltshire which gave him considerable wealth.  In return, like many men of the time with a social conscience, Charles used his money to build the Werg Bridge together with the old school in Thicketts Road.  He was also responsible for repairing and refurbishing Minal Church in 1816 and contributed towards the cost of the new extensive woodwork which is thought to have been done by carpenters working on Tottenham House which was being built at the same time.

Parish Councillors met with David and Tom to raise a glass in celebration of the new plaque.  Parish Chair, John Bevan, thanked David Sherratt for initiating and paying for the plaque and Tom and Jill Otley for causing it to be erected on the bridge where it will be admired for years to come.

Pictured Left to Right Tom and Jill Otley, David Sherratt, John Bevan, Brian Devonshire and Rob Bailey.


Neighbourhood Plan – Public Consultation to the Independent Examiner till 8 November 2021

The draft Neighbourhood plan has been passed to Wiltshire County Council who will be coordinating a public consultation on this document between Monday 20th September 2021 and Monday 8th November 2021.  The comments received will be passed to an independent examiner, to be appointed by Wiltshire Council, who will consider the representations and recommend whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be put to a community referendum.

You can comment online or send your written comments to the address below.

For online comments view the Draft Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan (2021 – 2036) on the Wiltshire Council consultation portal.  Please be aware that documents viewed via the consultation portal may not be available to view with Internet Explorer. Please use an alternative internet web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

For written comments  you can complete an editable representation form downloaded from the supporting documents section of the consultation portal which can then be emailed to or send to the address below.

Spatial Planning
Economic Development and Planning
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN

The deadline is no later than 5pm on Monday 8th November 2021.

Please be aware that all representations will be publicly available and may also appear on the Wiltshire Council website.



Ash die back comes to Church Lane

The Parish Council is sad to announce that the Ash trees in Church Land are be to be replaced due to discovery of Ash Dieback disease.  Ash die back is now affecting most of the Ash trees in the area and you may have noticed the felling of many trees on Ramsbury estates and along the A4.  Last July the Parish Council had the trees inspected as many of the branches were becoming dangerous in high winds.  The PC were hoping to save them and a planning application for a third reduction was applied for and granted.  Unfortunately, the disease has spread and this year Wiltshire Council has approved the felling of the large trees in the church car park.  This is a sad occasion as the trees are part of the fabric of Church Lane.

If you look closely at the picture the wood in the trunk is very dry and the branches are looking withered all classic signs of Ash die back.  On a more positive note, Adam Slater of Church Lane has offered a contribution towards new trees which will be planted in the Autumn.

If you would like to talk to someone on the Council about this please contact Rob Bailey 07872 326177 or the Clerk 01672 512847

Works will start on Friday 19 March.  Read more about Ash die back disease Ash Die Back