Road closed for Stitchcombe Bridge repairs 15 March 2021.

Wiltshire Council have advised that the Bridge at Stitchcombe will be closed from 15 March for 2 weeks for repairs.  During this time no cars will be allowed over the bridge – only pedestrians and cyclists.  This timescale is weather dependent so may start later if we hit a bad weather patch.  Normal signage will go up from Monday 1 March.  An alternative route will be published via the A4 although for locals Chopping Knife Lane will be open.

Census 2021 is the 21st March 2021

Do you watch “Who do you think you are” or have you tried looking into your family tree?  If so you will know that as well as Birth, Death and Marriage records the Census records provide unique information.  The UK carries out a Census every 10 years and 2021 is a Census year! 

For the first time this year’s Census will be online.  You will receive a letter with a unique access code.  You will then need to visit the secure website and input details of your household.  The Government is aware that some people will need help using a website and more information will be available in February 2021.