Community Police Information

Community Police Information

Everyone knows to dial 999 in an emergency but who do you speak to for everything else.  Are you concerned about suspicious behaviour?  Want to report a theft?  Dial 101

Wiltshire Police Neighbourhood team have an email address which is monitored  daily   Email them and our area PC’s Jason Steele and Melissa Camilleri will get back to you.  

Learn more about policing in our area go to their website 

A useful thing to know is that you can make a Silent 999 call if you are in danger and cannot speak:
On a Mobile: Press 55 and you will be transferred to Police
On a Landline: Don’t speak and you will be transferred to Police.  Landline may remain connected for 45 seconds in case you pick it up again.

Police and Crime Commissioner Quarterly Reports

Annual Report 2022/23:

Traffic Report to PCC from Chief Constable Sep 2023

PCC Quarterly Update_Nov22Jan23

PCC Quarterly Update_SepNov22

PCC Quarterly Update_JunAug22