New Trees for Church Lane

The Ash trees in Church Lane have had to be removed due to Ash die back disease.  Adam Slater, who has recently moved into Church Lane with his wife, has kindly donated  4 oriental flowering cherry trees to replace them.  The picture shows Adam and Peter Ward (who used to play football for Minal) planting the trees.


Minal Church featured in Podcast by the Bishop of Ramsbury

Minal Church is special to Minal but also historically significant as it is one of the best examples of an 18th century church.  During the 19th century the Victorians removed the wooden pews and redesigned the seating in most churches.  Not so in Minal.  Andrew Rumsey, the Bishop of Ramsbury, recently visited Minal church for an episode of his podcast, Going to Ground.  Click here to listen to the 5 minute podcast.

Minal Summer Events – Cricket, Outdoor Theatre and Fete

Sports and Social Events Return!

With great relief and anticipation we are able to resume activities on the sports field at last. Youth football is catching up on missed matches and cricket commences in May with games most Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. And here are early notices of events being planned for the hopefully normal summer ahead of us. Look out for more information on the Minal Website and Minal Community Facebook page or contact Clive Scholefield at

Thursday 24th June 6pm. Cricket 🏏:

Minal XI vs Ramsbury Leg Rovers. The Minal XI will roll back the years and return to the field in this annual very friendly match. But we will need more players – both young and old, particularly from the local community. Please have a go – you will enjoy it!

Thursday 1st July 7pm. Outdoor Theatre 🎭:

We are thrilled to welcome back the Mikron Theatre for their performance of “A Dog’s Tale”.  (Derek see picture below).  Bring your own chairs/ blankets/ picnic. Refreshments will be available. If past years are to go by this is a light hearted, highly skilled and quintessential English evening event for the whole family. You will need to book this year so please look out for more details or contact Milly Carmichael via the Minal Community page.

Saturday 24th July: Summer Fete!! 🥳 👒

Hot off the press – still in planning. Start the summer holidays on a day filled with good old fashioned fun and activities for all – tombolas, plant stand, bric-a-brac, book stand, human fruit machine, games, face painting, refreshments, BBQ and more! And hopefully some live music at the end.

Ash die back comes to Church Lane

The Parish Council is sad to announce that the Ash trees in Church Land are be to be replaced due to discovery of Ash Dieback disease.  Ash die back is now affecting most of the Ash trees in the area and you may have noticed the felling of many trees on Ramsbury estates and along the A4.  Last July the Parish Council had the trees inspected as many of the branches were becoming dangerous in high winds.  The PC were hoping to save them and a planning application for a third reduction was applied for and granted.  Unfortunately, the disease has spread and this year Wiltshire Council has approved the felling of the large trees in the church car park.  This is a sad occasion as the trees are part of the fabric of Church Lane.

If you look closely at the picture the wood in the trunk is very dry and the branches are looking withered all classic signs of Ash die back.  On a more positive note, Adam Slater of Church Lane has offered a contribution towards new trees which will be planted in the Autumn.

If you would like to talk to someone on the Council about this please contact Rob Bailey 07872 326177 or the Clerk 01672 512847

Works will start on Friday 19 March.  Read more about Ash die back disease Ash Die Back

Fish and Chips comes to Minal

Starting next Thursday 18 March there is no need to go into Marlborough to have a break from the cooking.  Mark Harris has decided to set up a mobile catering truck to serve Fish and Chips to the local villages.  He is starting his service, here in Minal next Thursday 18 March from 5.00pm to 8.00pm in the Village Hall car park.   Mark grew up in the village and is a qualified chef.  This year has obviously been difficult for the catering industry so Mark has set up his own business called the Feisty Fish and will be coming to Minal every week on a Thursday.  Mark already has a curry on the menu and will be adding to the range available in the future.  Mark’s website will be called


Look out for your Wildflower Seeds

You will shortly be receiving a packet of wild flower seeds through your door.  Organised by Milly Carmichael, the seed has been generously supplied by Meadowmania in Marlborough.  Every house in Mildenhall and Axford is getting a packet and over 200 will be distributed in Ramsbury and 300 in Marlborough.  If every packet is sown, Milly says, we’ll create a mosaic of 1000 square metres of wildflower and pollinator friendly plants in a “Bee Road”.  For more information about Bee Roadz visit the Marlborough Transition website.

Christmas Nativity 2020 Style

With all the restrictions 2020 has brought our church team were determined the village nativity would go ahead.  At 5.00pm on Christmas Eve the Nativity Tableau was moved to the Sports Field where there was plenty of room for social distancing and the weather was dry but cold.  There was the Christmas story and Christmas Carols and music provided by the Sports pavilion.  The stable scene looked particularly good against the dark night sky.  Thank you to all the participants and everyone who came to a very special Christmas service.



New Church Warden

Gordon Pepper from Durnsford Mill has taken over the full Church Warden role

In July Gordon was elected churchwarden and the plan was for him to take over the legal and administration responsibilities and for Mary Fishlock to remain as the ‘People’s Warden’. Sadly Mary has had to retire completely because of ill health.  The Minal Community would like to thank Mary and David for their immense contribution to the church and the community over the years.

Gordon and his wife, Gillie, moved here in 2011 to be close to their daughter, Ninna Gibson, who lives next door.  Although they have been here for only nine years they have known the church for about thirty years having stayed with Ninna and Martin on numerous occasions .  Previously living in Kent, Gordon has had two careers – the first was in the City  and the second was as an academic.  Gordon is now 86 years of age and says his mission during his final years is “to do everything I can to make sure that our beautiful Minal church remains a regular place of worship for many years to come”.

Gordon can be contacted on:    Tel: 01672 511073, Mob: 07790 001069, Email: