SSE’s Priority Service Register

Most power cuts are short lived and fixed within a few hours but have you thought what you would do if the power was off for longer?  The last time this happened in Minal was 2 days before Christmas and people still remember it.  What if you have medication that needs to be kept cool, or you have small children or a disability and need power to work equipment?  Two Rapid Response Operatives from SSE Scottish and Southern Electric came to talk to the village at the PC meeting on Monday 9 January to talk about their Priority Services Register.  They recommend anyone with a disability, chronic illness, the very young or elderly or anyone otherwise reliant on electricity for medical equipment registers for this service.  It means that in the event of a significant power outage they know who to prioritise for help.  This can include delivering small generators to power a fridge/lighting and glow sticks that are safer than having naked flames around the house.

You can register free by calling 0800 294 3259 or by completing the online form  There are also forms to complete at the village hall if you attend the next Minal Munch and some will be placed in the Minal News boxes.

SSE also had lots of advice for preparing an Emergency home kit and this is also available on line and their leaflet “Your Home Emergency Plan”.  There is a new easy number for reporting any power cuts,105 and a mobile app called “Power Track” where you can see where power outages are and how long they are likely to be.  The app has a green and white stripey pattern.

We are experiencing more extreme weather events than ever before and sometimes equipment breaks down which takes a bit longer.  Delays can be caused by SSE needing to access private land and negotiate with the landowner via a way leave agreement.

SSE offer lots of help to small village parishes and the PC will be looking at what emergency equipment we can store for the village.